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    Shoot, who would have thuhogt that it was that easy?

  2. I disagree, a bit. It not so much what Mrs. Pelosi understands. She is not that supid. Rather it is how far must Mrs. Pelosi go to appease the Congressional Black Caucus. Mrs. Pelosi bucked the CBC in keeping Alcee Hastings off the Intelligence Committee. That one act may mark the limit of Mrs. Pelosi’s political courage.

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  6. widziałem dziś w empiku singel Pustek Nic do powiedzenia. Już miałem wziąść ale wersja albumowa i zrezygnowałem/ Wiem że bardzo ich lubisz może masz singelek bo tam są inne kawałki może jednak warto???

  7. Man that was amazing! Thank you Giana and Yulia. Best live show ever! If you weren’t there, then you MISSED it, and should feel pretty bad right now.

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  14. Absolutely! Without understanding how genre conventions achieve their effects it becomes very difficult to use them effectively. And that kind of understanding only comes with deep and broad familiarity with the genres in question.

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  19. I’d say that FML is more comedy-related-also, they have a “Job” section and a “love” section and an “Intimacy” section. Is that what you’re looking to do? Or are you looking to create a site that actually has articles and information and whatnot?

  20. I think the Yankees are trying to get the price lower, because they know that they really need Garza.  They don’t want to have to give up Montero to the cubs, because they want to still have him next season to trade to Seattle for Felix.The Yankees don’t have a spot for Montero- He can’t catch, they’ve still got Teix’s huge contract at 1B, and they need the DH spot to be open for A-Rod’s eventual move there.  I’d be almost willing to guarantee that he wont be a Yankee by 2014/15. 

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  40. Well, my guesses were correct (or near enough), but since so many others already guessed correctly, and I read them, I decided not to post them.Those are amazing shots! If it’s any consolation, it took me a little while to guess the first one. I had to go back and look a few times.

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    Thanks so much for dropping by our blog. :) I actually love this editorial. Love the richness of the colours and all the insane details. I saw her room at Versailles, it's gorgeous. But our guide did tell us that her life story issn't all that rosie. Ash :o)

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  54. It also shouldn’t be overlooked that the packers pass defence is getting lousy quarterbacks to throw up to 50 times a game. It seems to work. Also the packers are always ahead so you force other teams to wing it. I’m also going to add that if the passing offense looks “off” i’m glad that they’re still putting up 4 tds a game. That works for me.Best special teams in the league? Very possible.

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  59. Not to make light of your terrible situation Michelle, but in addition to what base suggests, you could also but a pair of those wind-up comedy gnashers and hide them in your vagina. If a boy tries to illegally rape you… SNAP! just like in the film Teeth.

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  61. I originally thought so too – but technically, what they're saying is still true… even if Holly isn't. He still entered into a emotional relationship with "Holly" and left his wife… I would think if anything, it'd be more of an entrapment issue… and I'm not sure how that works.

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  88. The irrational person is Anon 11:29 – he/she hasn’t read Flanigan’s (Harper’s American born right wing republican mentor) latest I guess where he points out in black and white that Harper has duped Canadians by « playing » the middle of the road – if he gets a majority there will be no middle of the road. You’ve been « suckered in big time » Anon 11:29.

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  115. Costin – I wonder how many mainstream European politicians have bemoaned the failure of multiculturalism? The idea that 'multiculturalism is dead' did the rounds in England a couple of years or so ago. Of course nothing has changed and multiculturalism proceeds at a pace… So what is the point of these apparent changes of heart? After promoting the multicultureal utopia for years what has made these politicians come out against it? Could it be that they are hoping to distance themselves from a disaster?

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